A University Kid and the size of his penis

Research reveals that almost 99% of the men around the world are dissatisfied with the size of their penis! A proven fact also remains that men with larger penises are capable of satisfying their women more than those with comparatively smaller penises. With statistics as extreme and alarming as that, you cannot really blame the men for wanting to take action!

Thomas Bland told us his story

“The reason is not that I am not good-looking or repulsive, I don’t think so and atleast I’ve never ever been told so. My problem was that I had some serious self-confidence issues. I just wasn’t confident enough and had been told numerous times that if I could develop some faith in myself and in my ability to perform, I could do wonders.”

“I was 5 feet and 10 inches tall, well, it is neither very tall nor very short, it is just about average.  No one really understood why I’d be so depressed and unconfident, that is because they couldn’t see the problem. The problem was lying beneath my pants. YES! That’s right, the size of my penis was the reason why I felt so low and depressed, I was unconfident and always thought I lacked something. I wasn’t satisfied one bit with the size of my penis, and I could go so far as to say I WAS REALLY EMBARASSED OF THE SIZE OF MY PENIS.”

“Finally, I got to third year of university and thought to myself, enough is enough! I need t do something about the size of my penis. I couldn’t have let all my potential just go waste and never let it come out just because of the small size of my penis.

University is supposed to be the best phase of your life where many opportunities come by you, opportunities that you cannot afford to give up whatever may be the circumstances! University is a place where you can achieve just about anything you wish to, anybody can! However, I hadn’t, I was a total loser and I hated myself for that. Ok, don’t get me wrong now, I wasn’t a dork. I did kiss girls, a lot of them infact.

I did alot of activities and actions that gave the girls pleasure, however, when things started going further coming to me, and the girl would start trying to unbuckle my belt, the next thing I know was I’d be panicking. All sweaty from head to toe, I would just make an extremely silly excuse to get the hell out of there! I was so embarrassed of the size of my penis that I didn’t want to show it to anybody. My self confidence plummeted and I started feeling like a useless freak who had no right to live! I made up my mind and decided that it was time, it was time to transform myself into something I deserve to be, it is time to take action!”

“The next problem I encountered was that I didn’t know what to do or where to begin. I started by my research by reading about Penis Enlargement products and programs online and in magazines. I tried getting my hands on as much information as possible and honestly, it all began to slightly creep me out. Initially, corrective surgery seemed to be the only viable option I had that looked promising and could possibly help in increasing the size of my penis but I banged my head onto a brick wall when I realized that this surgery was too expensive for me to afford and it wasn’t done anywhere in my country. I started losing hope again. There didn’t seem to be any safe and natural method of increasing the size of my penis and this really worried me.”

“I was just about to give up all my hopes when I came to know about the ProSolution Pill System. You can increase the size of your penis with a very natural and safe method that has been tried and tested and has proven it’s efficiency and results. For a small amount of money I paid, I received an entire guide of every little thing I needed to know about their system and how to implement it. Included with their “free optional exercises” were some ProSolution Capsules. The ProSolution Pill System was extremely easy to follow and stick to since it didn’t require much dedicated work and focus, it just did all the work on its own and I just had to follow it right and in a systematic order.”

I started using the system and was very regular with my dosage and intake. A few weeks later I decided to check the results and I actually measured my penis for the first time ever. I had gained about half an inch in length and even more importantly, the girth had also improved. My penis looked thicker and stronger than ever. I just couldn’t believe it. I completed the entire dosage of the pills and the results were just simply unbelievable. I was amazed at how effectively the pills worked. At the end of the program, I had gained 2.9 inches of length and about 1.7 inches in girth of my penis.  Isn’t it amazing?”

“My life completely changed after that. I started seeing the positive things in me and I realized how good I really was. Earlier all those nice things in me that were hidden and lied dormant within me because of my lack of confidence started coming out in the open and I learnt how to appreciate myself. I actually fell in love with my own self. My sex life went through the roof! I went on to sleeping with the hottest girl in college and I just couldn’t stop being happy.“

I definitely recommend the ProSolution Pill System to anyone who is dissatisfied by the length of their penis and wants to increase it. It really works effectively and I HAVE TRIED IT. If you’re slightly weary of investing money in a product, trust me they’re guaranteed results, I’m tellin you, it’s worth it!