Does the size of your penis really matter?

Well, this is quite a debated question for years. Some agree to the topic saying, Yes, the size of a man’s penis is a really important thing while some disagree saying it doesn’t really matter how big a man’s penis is. Men and women continually argue at this topic and it is quite a big controversy. Magazines and newspapers frequently publish articles on this topic too.

A woman’s opinion

Does the size of a man’s penis really matter when it comes to having sex and satisfying your partner? That’s one major controversial question that we frequently keep being emailed about at We recently posted an article discussing Natasha’s(from New York) story about her being unsatisfied during sex due to the small size of her boyfriend’s penis. Back we are to answer the question again.

Is my dick large enough? Will I be able to satisfy my partner sexually? What do women think about the size of a man’s penis, does it really matter, and are they really bothered about it?
To help know more about the functioning of a woman’s mind, i and my wife set out to find the answers.

One of our readers Lily Turner from Notting Hill agreed to share her views with us on the topic. She is an accountant by profession and 27 years of age. As for her hobbies, she says she loves wine and men. Yes, she’s had well over 30 partners whom she has slept with.

Sometimes, size does matter.

As the common saying goes: THE BIGGER, THE BETTER! Alex from New York has a problem that she shared with us:

“I have been dating a man for quite some time now. He thinks I’m just great! We share so many things in common and each and everything is working out wonderfully. However, there’s just one little problem I’m facing. Actually, the problem really isn’t little, it’s quite a major issue. Whenever we have sexual intercourse, I just can’t feel  his penis inside me! Yeah, I can’t! There is absolutely no contact with my clitoris. Try as he may, as long as he may go, I just can’t feel  his penis inside me. I have dated other men in the past and have had sex with them. I generally reached orgasm in just two to three minutes at the most, however, with him, I just can’t reach orgasm at all! His penis is so small that I can’t feel  it inside of me. Just for your knowledge, his penis is just 4 and a half inches in length and quite thin. : -( It is embarrassing going into specific details, but yes, he really has that small a penis.

I try convincing myself over and over again that it really does not matter how big his penis is, we’re great together and that is all that matters. BUT, the truth is, it does matter. I am an amazing woman and I do deserve to feel the pleasures of good sex. I deserve to have a healthy sexual relationship with my man and I deserve to be fully satisfied. I deserve to have nasty orgasms. However, with him, not only can I not orgasm but also I cannot really feel much of his penis when it is inside my vagina. The problem reciprocates because he cannot feel much pleasure either because of the small length of his penis.

It makes me feel like I am not woman enough to satisfy my partner’s sexual desires. I am sure other women do experience the same problem as I do but  I don’t know how they deal with such a situation. I’m pretty messed up, confused, upset and scared too. I gel so well with this guy and we share such an amazing bond but the sex is just not good enough. In fact, it is not good at all. It is totally unsatisfactory and I don’t know what I can do about it. I’m stuck in such an embarrassing situation that I cannot discuss the problems with my friends. The guy is great and I can’t let him go just for such a reason, but then sex is a very important part of any relationship. Without love making, there’s no fun in having a relationship, we rather just be friends. I just don’t know what to do and I’d really be glad if you could help me out with this.”

We decided to help Natasha out by trying to get a solution to her problem. We put this article up on our website(with Natasha’s permission ofcourse to help other women stuck in the same situation as she is.)
Here’s a copy of the e-mail we sent her:


Many women are stuck in a similar situation as you are but unfortunately, the topic is so embarrassing that many women just decide to overlook it and lead life the way they are compromising on their sex lives. However, if the problem is to be solved, you need to gather the courage to speak about the problem openly with your partner. It is bound to be extremely uncomforting and could hurt your partner too, but it needs to be done. Can you even imagine how weird it would be telling your partner that you can’t feel his penis inside you? It would be so bad to tell your partner that you do care about how big his penis is and it isn’t big enough, it can’t satisfy her and something needs to be done!

You need to talk to your partner openly adopting a very subtle manner of discussion so as to not make him feel uncomfortable or terrible about it. After you talk to your partner about the problem, you can talk about all the possible solutions so that you receive sexual stimulation and pleasure during the sexual intercourse making you feel good about your physical relationship with your partner. PENILE EXTENDERS are available at most sex stores. If you don’t know any sex shop near  your area or are too embarrassed to visit one, just purchase one online. Small vibrators are also available that are built in a way to stimulate your clitoris during intercourse or other times when you feel like pleasuring yourself. A viable solution to the problem would be making your boyfriend use a vibrator to help you masturbate or just perform oral sex before or after intercourse to make sure that you reach orgasm and are satisfied with the sex you have.

There are various methods to enlarge a man’s penis in this modern day world. Some work, some don’t. You will find a lot of information on penis enlargement techniques on our website.

Firstly, one method to enlarge a man’s penis is Surgery. However, it is very expensive and unsafe. Most men would not want to undergo a surgery unless they’re too desperate to increase the size of their penis. Hence, it isn’t fair that a woman asks her man to undergo surgery for increasing the length of his penis. There are also tools and equipment that could help in increasing the size of your partner’s penis such as penis pumps, stretching rings etc. These do give some results but they tend to have adverse effects too. They could damage a penile tissue or weaken it. Some people doubt the effectiveness of these pumps, however opinions differ from person to person. Some say these mechanical male enhancement techniques are useless and don’t work at all.

Certain exercises are said to increase the size of a man’s penis too such as jelq and other kidns of stretching exercises. These exercises sometimes have some effect but they require knowledge, time and a lot of effort. Lastly and the most reliable technique of male enhancement are pills. Penis enlargement pills work great and show some nice results too. However, most pills don’t work at all. You should know which pills to choose and which not to else it could end up being a total waste of the money you invested in them. They could turn out to be a complete rip off for you if they don’t deliver the results promised. The best method of increasing the size of your partner would be a combination of extenders and pills like the ones offered by SellHealth.

You should talk to your partner about these male enhancement techniques and if he agrees, let him choose a technique that we spoke about that he might want to try out. Don’t be too harsh while explaining your problem to him else he might take it the wrong way and feel really really hurt.

In a few circumstances, size really does make a difference and we’re not talking about this only with reference to quality of sex and the pleasure derived from it, we’re also referring to the comfort and security of a relationship which is the most important thing and lays the foundation of a relationship.

We wish you luck and may your problem be sorted very soon. We hope to hear back from you after a while to know whether our advice helped you or not. Keep us updated