Does Extagen Work? Reviews and insights on Extagen


**Because of the recent changes made by Extagen, I no longer feel comfortable endorsing the product. Extagen is not the same product it used to be because of these changes and is no longer as effective. There are NEWER alternatives.

So what are the NEWER alternatives?

The two market leaders in terms of performance and customer service are:

It not unusual for the makers of male enhancement pills such as Extagen and similar brands to use some ‘hype’ to promote the products they make. However, their statements can come across as being a little ‘over the top’ and hard to believe.

You may be looking for a penis enlargement product and have taken the time to research into the penis enlargement pills market. If you have, there is no doubt you would have seen the name a brand called Extagen. And you may have asked yourself: Does Extagen Work?

Before you can find out, you need to know how penis enlargement pills work. In simplistic terms, the ingredients in a good, well made penis enlargement pill get to work in the body and direct more blood to the penis. The more this happens, the more the veins in the penis accommodate for the extra blood until the veins adapt and stay larger permanently. This is what will make the penis larger.

So what about Extagen? Does it really work? I can tell you it definitely does work and I am qualified to say this as unlike many reviewers, I have tried many penis enlargement tablets and found the best results with Extagen.

And because the pills are made with natural ingredients and no chemicals, there are no known or reported side effects so this product is safe to take.

There are many penis enlargement pills on the market today which you directed by the instructions to take 3 or 4 pills every day. With Extagen, you only need to take one pill a day to get the results. That is how powerful it is.

What you will notice is better and increased length of the penis, increased thickness, a harder erection, much more stamina, heightened climaxes and far more blood circulation. It is like having a brand new penis.

You can expect to gain up to 1 inch per month. Most users will take a 6 month course of the pills. But there is no need to worry about what happens when you stop taking the pills as after this time, the increases are permanent and will stay with you for good.

The single most important thing to realize about the makers of this product is they stand behind the power of this pill and are so confident that you will be satisfied when you buy that the offer a 4 month guarantee. This is a good offer as most people who take Extagen usually see a difference in 7 – 14 days.

Not many others in the male enhancement industry can match this guarantee. In a nutshell, if you can see no visible difference within a whole 4 months, return the pills and get your money back. You have nothing to lose!

Feel free to go ahead and continue your research on penis enlargement. I can only tell you what worked for me. And remember, if you decide on Extagen, you will have 4 months to try it.

Extagen Side Effects

If you have taken the time to look around, you’ll have seen a number of testimonials and very good reviews written by many of the satisfied Extagen users. The usual terms which are written and seen over and over include “increased penis size” and “heightened sex drive” as well as many other related phrases.

Many men have praised Extagen saying it has many other benefits such as improvements in relations with partners and maybe many untold. If you read all this and take it all in, you will be forgiven for thinking that this must be the wonder drug of the male enhancement industry.

But is it really this good or are there any Extagen side effects?

With the many, many devices and medications available for the male who is not confident with the size of his penis, you would be forgiven for thinking that Extagen can not possibly be without its share of problems.

The manufacturers of this product look as if they have spent an absolute fortune on the marketing and advertising, telling you know that an increase in both length and girth is possible.

Then there is the usual tide of spam email with message after message after message about the various brands of impotence and male enhancement drugs. The email spammers are one of the main reasons that many men ask if the whole male enhancement industry is a scam.

So can any of these products be trusted? Does the hype live up to the reality? Should you be rightly concerned that there may be some Extagen side effects?

As of yet, everything looks positive for this product. The many men who have tried and used Extagen have done so with no damage to their general health. And more importantly, due to the product being made from natural ingredients and selected vitamins, there are no reported side effects.

But even as good as this product is, caution must be exercised. Extagen and many of the other penis pills on the market should only be taken if the user is not using any other medication for health problems related to blood pressure and heart problems. If in doubt, consultation with a medical professional is recommended.

Buy Extagen

Maybe you’re thinking of other brands on enlargement pills so why buy Extagen?

When it comes to the male enhancement industry, Extagen is one of those few brand names which keeps appearing time and again. So what makes Extagen male enhancement pills different?

Men buy Extagen as they always have the best reviews. And they get good reviews because they work!  Extagen is very, very popular in the male enhancement  industry. If you do your research, it is always on the ‘recommended’ list on many review web sites. Why do men choose Extagen? Extagen always gets the desired results. I know as I speak from experience.

Have a look around at the forums and you will see many topics related to this pill. There are also many independent review sites which look into effects and results of extagen. It is not unusual to gain one inch per month for a few months. Usually, the results are fairly speedy and noticeable.

When you try Extagen, there are benefits for the partner of the pill taker . This is why women choose  Extagen as well when they wish for the partner to have a little more ‘va va voom’, as Extagen also helps with flagging libidos.

But the big kicker which led me to try Extagen was they were one of the only companies to stand behind its product and offer a 4 month money back guarantee if I found it not to be up to my expectations. In a nutshell, I could try it for 120 days to see if it worked or if there were any side effects, which there were none for me.

However, it is not that easy to buy cheap Extagen online from a reputable source.

There are other enlargement pills which are just as good, if not even better than Extagen. These are mentioned below and they are very easy to buy direct from the makers and usually, there are special offers which allow you to save money.