Extenze Girl

If it’s your first time to watch the infomercials of Extenze via television or internet, you’re probably wondering who the pretty woman is on these commercials. She is the exclusive Extenze girl who has graced the late night infomercials but you may have also seen her in various TV shows and several films.

The girl’s name is Bridgetta Tomarcho. She’s both beauty and brawn with a very impressive background. She was born and raised in Baltimore and is considered a sexy, daredevil diva.

Though she became popular as the exclusive girl, her fan base has grown further because of her adventures on “Project My World” [a show on DirecTV] where she skydived over the Great Barrier Reef, raced V8 cars, jumped off Karawaru Bungee Bridge and other nerve-wracking stunts.

In “Wanted: Ted or Alive” [Ted Nugent’s show], Bridgetta showed her survival skills in the wilderness and hunted, killed and grilled a chicken she captured. Don’t get her wrong, though, because she loves animals and she is a snake-handler. Her most beloved pets include three dogs, a fish and a West African python named Isis.

Apart from the girl’s love for wildlife, she is an experienced model, film actress and host. She is the face of AXE body wash were she got primped and pretty for the commercial. Her athletic side has brought her to be a back-up dancer for Britney Spears, a quarterback in “The Lingerie Bowl”, pilot and police trainings and she was given a chance to be a co-pilot on a WWII plane.

The Extenze also starred in ZOMBthology, a horror flick which won the 2008 Best Zombie Film at the Fright Night Film Festival. Bridgetta can also be seen on “The Bronx is Burning” and “Primitive Recall”.

Bridgetta used to work as Val Kilmer’s assistant when she moved to Los Angeles. She hosted the coverage of “The Night of 100 Stars Party” if Europe’s cutting-edge fashion network show, Fashion TV, which was held at the Beverly Hills Hotel during Oscar night. She used to work as a snake handler in North Carolina’s Cape Fear Serpentarium.

Here’s a list of all of Bridgetta’s accomplishments:

Her special skills:
* FBI/Police training: bomb squad, hostage negotiation, martial arts, guns, Sergeant with Explorers
* Dance: tap, jazz and hip-hop
* Animal handling: snakes, birds and dogs
* Racing: formula one racing school, street and dirt motorcycling, ATV, V8 cars
* Sports: zorbing, fishing, soccer, skiing, snowboarding, field-hockey, bungee jumping, surfing, softball, figure skating and football
* Planes: trained and co-piloted a 1939 Jetfighter plane from WWII

* Extenze host

Music Videos:
* Britney All Grown Up – as backup dancer
* Tre Thirteen – featured dancer
* Camay – backup dancer 2004

* Kinescoping of Dr. Travis – [Supporting character – Chanel]
* Everything’s Wonderful – [Supporting]
* Lords of Dogtown – [Party Girl]
* Primitive Recall – [Main character-Sarah]
* Clown Town – [Main character- Brenda]
* ZOMBthology – [Main character-Barbara]
* The Last Tenant – [Dead Woman]
* The True Story of Alexander the Great – [Olympias]
* The Dying Gaul – [Female Guest]

Radio guestings:
* The Gary Garver Show [exscape.tv]
* The 98 Rock Morning Show – 98 Rock [Maryland]
* Playboy Radio
* ESPN Radio
* Mancow Radio Show
* WBAL Radio
* The Fish on Radio
* Love Calls – 1540 am The Ticket
* Kirk, Mark, and Lopez Show – 98 Rock [Maryland]
* Below the Belt Show
* The Naughty American
* Wireless Flash

TV appearances, roles, gigs:
* Good Morning America – [Herself]
* Bridgetta: Sassy and Uncensored – [Herself]
* Extenze Anniversary Edition – [Host]
* Project My World [11 episodes] – [Principal] – Direct TV/Asylum Ent.
* Judge Joe Brown – [Herself]
* Jimmy Kimmel Live – [Axe Body Angel]
* The Bronx Is Burning – [Supporting]-ESPN/ Bronx Productions
* Oscars-Night of 100 Stars – [Host] – Fashion TV
* Scott Baio is 45 and Single – [Guest Star] – VH 1
* Rocking the Gridiron – [Host-Superbowl] – Elite B. Productions
* Identity – [Guest Star] – NBC
* Extenze [Infomercial] – [Host] – Spike, comedy central
* Everlong [pilot] – [Supporting]
* Thank God You’re Here [2007] – [Miss Venezuela] – NBC/Freemantle Media
* ABC Sports-Speed Channel – [News Correspondent] – ABC
* The Bronx Is Burning [2007] – [Roxy] – ESPN
* WANTED: Ted or Alive [2006] – [The Vixen]- OLN
* Fox Reality Remix [2006] – [Guest Star] – Fox
* Foolin’ Around With [2006] – [Guest Star] – MTV
* Blood, Sweat n Gears with Billy Lane – [Host]
* Lingerie Bowl [2005] – [Quarterback-Chicago]
* Entourage episode 1.4 – [Model]
* Celebrity Lingo [2005] – [Guest Star] – Tribune
* Home James [2005] – [Guest Star] – VH1
* Hotwings [2005] – [Host]
* Stripped Search [2005] – [Guest Star] – VH1
* Football Fantasies [2005] – [Guest Star] – GSN
* Lingerie Bowl [2004] – [Referee]
* Trash to Cash episode 1.4 [2004] – [Guest Star]
* Spike TV Launch Party – [Guest Star] – Spike
* VJ for A Day [2001] – [VJ] – MTV
* Going to California episodes 1.7; 1.19 – [Guest Star] – Showtime
* The West Wing episode 1.22 – [Guest Star]

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