When to Take Extenze

Extenze pills are herbal supplements that claim to enhance a man’s penis size. Majority of Extenze resellers and dealers provide 100% money-back guarantees or a full refund if the client is not satisfied with the results after trying the product. Take note that most scam claims for Extenze are based on these confusing billing methods that resellers and dealers offer. So make sure to check the website before you order particularly on the trial period [number of days usually from 30 to 60 days], pricing, shipping and instructions for refunds. Also check if there are recurring fees, if your shopping cart has one, make sure to confirm this before you submit your order.

Extenze can be taken at a trial period of 30 to 60 days, depending on your preference. It is advisable to take note of your daily dose and track the result/s during this period. Measuring your penis size is also advisable prior to taking the pills, during the trial period and after the trial period. The recommended usage of Extenze is at least 2 months, so don’t be surprised if the result after a 30 or 60-day period doesn’t seem much.

If your first 30 or 60 days prove to be of little help, you may want to continue for a few more months to see more significant results in penis size. If you have a condition called erectile dysfunction, this too can be addressed with Extenze. The recommended dose is 1 to 2 pills per day and this should be taken continuously for 30 days to several months.

Some points to ponder when ordering Extenze

– Only order from an Extenze reseller or dealer that does not sign you up for an automatic shipping program. As mentioned earlier, some of the scams pinpoint to the recurring bills charged to unknowing clients. These guys may have not known it and it is partly their mistake since they did not find time in checking the offers of the reseller’s site. Make sure that your billing is clear and confirmed.

– Since Extenze pills fall under the category of herbal supplements, they are not regulated by the FDA, thus they don’t have to prove effectiveness. However, subjective reports from different users usually vary because each individual may experience different effects and results.