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Women tend to little attention to what men talk about because they can size up a man in more ways than one just by looking at them.  Some can decipher from your face alone the size of your bank account and your penis.  They can also tell how your sex life is.  So when you meet a woman who quickly finds an excuse to depart, you can bet that your past failures have been detected.  But if you have been successful with other women, they will cozy up to you like a cat because they can see your successfulness as well.

If you have a small penis, women can tell even when you’re fully dressed and have a sock in your underwear.  Honestly, how successful have you been?  Every one of these past failures is because of your small penis. And this has made you lose confidence in yourself.  No matter how hard you try, this is all transparent to every woman you meet. And you chalk still another failure.  With every failure your confidence slips another notch.

In the locker room, you can’t help but notice how big other men’s penises are.  It seems that they all are bigger than yours.  Do you notice then men with the biggest penises have the most confidence?  Have you noticed their swagger?  Have you noticed how they have the most success with the women you desire?  Wouldn’t you like to be one of those men?  Nothing will help you like having a bigger penis.

You can count on women noticing.  Just like they can read your lack of confidence when you had a small penis; they will notice your new self-confidence.  You won’t need that sock anymore, and women will know that your big penis is for real.  Any woman you want will be oozing desire to have you inside them.

There is a solution to your anxiety and lack of confidence.  You can make your penis larger in girth and length with X4 Extender.  You can have that swagger and confidence.  You can add length and girth to your penis.  You only have to get it to seven or eight inches to gain all the benefits described above.  There is almost no downside.  You too can be like those men in the locker room that you have envied.