How Penis Enhancement Devices Work?

Developed on the traction principles, Penis Extenders are medically certified devices created by professionals after extensive research. Scientific knowledge that forms the base for the expansion of penile tissues has been known since ages. Using this knowledge and various traction techniques that have been used by people from centuries, scientists implemented basic traction principles to the penis tissues.

This science has been used by physicians for plastic surgeries, to cure burn victims and for others who need to have skin re-growth. Many ancient cultures have employed traction methods to stretch several body parts. Giraffe women of the Paduang tribe in Birmania used the traction method for ages in order to have extended necks.

Some Amazon and African tribes utilized it to extend other parts of their body and attached little weights to their ears and lips. The principle used by the traction device is similar to the one used by penis extender devices. It aims to relax adjacent muscles and allows a more robust and stronger regeneration of the skin.

There is nothing unusual about the fact that if the skin is subjected to stretching exercises on a regular basis, it eventually begins to glow. This is because microscopic cells in the skin collapse, which then multiplies in order to heal it.

This repeated act is referred to as traction that causes the girth and length of the penis to increase. When done regularly and correctly, the stretching is painless. As this process progresses eventually over time, the penis gets sufficient time to adjust itself to the expanded size and the expansion is thereby permanent.