How Penis Enlargement Pills Work?

Your penis comprise in spongy reservoirs or chambers of erectile tissue known as corpora cavernosa. At the time of arousal, blood flows into these chambers, causing erection. As a result, at the time of erection, the flow of blood is restricted at one side, whereas the blood continues to flow from the other side. This makes sure that you are able to sustain the erection successfully. The more your body pumps in blood in these chambers, the better is your penis size as the tissues expand more and leads to bigger erections.  

Now that you know what causes an erection, you are in a better position to understand the ways of working of male enhancement pills. There are two primary principles that sum up the working of penis enlargement pills:

  • Enhanced volume of blood flow towards the penis
  • Increasing the force of blood flow towards the penis

Penis pills stimulate blood flow into the erectile chambers during the arousal. The amount and the force of blood flow increases with time that causes an expansion of the erectile chambers. You get a larger and thicker erection that lasts for a long time and ensures a satisfying experience. In order to facilitate better growth of tissues, merely taking these pills is not enough. It is important that you do some penis enlargement exercises to enhance the size of your erectile chambers, so that it is able to sustain more blood.

Experts argue that taking penis enlargement pills can lead to temporary enlargement by increasing the flow of blood but for a permanent enlargement, you must combine these pills with penis enlargement exercises. Tissues that hold blood tend to expand naturally with these exercises and pills that increase the length of your penis over time and also make it thick.

Apart from the augmented size of your penis, these pills also give you higher stamina, harder erections, better semen production and improved ejaculation control. As is the case with all pharmaceutical procedures/products, the results differ from one person to another.