Male Sexual Stamina

While nearly every man wants to improve his sexual abilities, some men struggle with being able to maintain a firm erection, struggle to control their ejaculate, or experience other various stamina-related issues. Male Sexual Stamina can be influenced by an array of factors. Typically, Male Sexual Stamina is impeded by one’s muscular abilities, diet, or lifestyle.

Male Sexual Stamina is a term that is commonly used in reference to a man’s ability to engage in intercourse for long durations of time. A strong stamina essentially means that a man is physically able to engage in intercourse with minimal fatigue, while an individual can simultaneously maintain his erection and control / delay his ability to climax. According to studies, a man’s sexual stamina can be negatively affected by various elements such as:

  • Poor diet, especially a diet high in fat and cholesterol
  • Smoking
  • Lack of exercise / Weak penis-related muscles

Diet and Male Sexual Stamina

Diet can play a major role in a man’s sexual stamina as harmful foods, especially fats, clog arteries and decrease the body’s overall health. Specifically, as a result of a poor diet, the penis may experience decreased blood flow, resulting in weaker erections, loss of sexual control, and overall decreased performance abilities.

To boost one’s stamina through the influence of one’s diet, men may experience enhanced Male Sexual Stamina benefits by incorporating healthy changes, such as:

  • Decrease saturated fats
  • Decrease overall fat intake
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Consume healthy amounts of fruits and vegetables
  • Consume a multi-vitamin

Also, similar to diet, smoking negatively influences a man’s sexual stamina. With an improved diet and with the elimination of smoking from one’s daily regimens, individuals will gradually experience greater sexual stamina abilities.

Exercise and Male Sexual Stamina

While many men may not enjoy engaging in exercise activities, most individuals are unaware that intercourse itself is a form of exercise! Intercourse requires a great deal of muscular and cardiovascular effort; therefore, the more one exercises (both in and out of bed), the more one is able to improve his stamina. To boost sexual stamina with exercise, men can engage techniques such as:

  • Increased cardio exercise
  • Increased weight lifting exercise
  • Engage in “PC Muscle” exercises

While cardio and weight lifting exercises are probably familiar to most men, PC Muscle exercises are a bit more unique.

In the body, the PC Muscle controls the flow of both ejaculate and urine. With a stronger PC Muscle, an individual can exert greater control over his ability to climax and/or delay climax.

There are an array of PC Muscle techniques available for individuals to boost their power and strength. For example, once a man is able to identify the location of his PC Muscle, he can engage in reps where the muscle is held and released for designated periods of time. With this approach, the PC Muscle should gradually become more powerful.