Penile Enlargenment Surgery and Complications

Complications That Can Arise From Penile Enlargenment Surgery

In the course of history, the penis has characterized manliness. Conversation about the male organ continues to be regarded as taboo, socially inappropriate; and in other cases, is a subject of easy going discussion and humor. Length, circumference as well as functionality, nevertheless, happen to be a concern for males all through history.

To this day, the size of the penis is a major issue as well as the origin of fear and anxiety for men of every age group. There are numerous societal as well as emotional implications, including social maladjustment, anxiety about intimacy, as well as absence of self-confidence. Quite a few men experience a need to increase the size of their male organ as a way to increase their self-esteem, or to gratify and wow their partners.
Recently, procedures to enhance penile length or thickness happen to be more and more frequent, specifically in private settings.

Penile enhancement operations, also called penile augmentation or penis enhancement surgery (as with any other major operation) is not without any complications, dangers and side effects. The fact is data shows that major complications can arise with this particular procedure.

Procedure to increase thickness of the male organ

This kind of operation entails fat cells extracted from your abdomen getting injected around your penis. This momentarily bulks the penis and may enhance the thickness for the short term.

The greatest downside to such a procedure is the fact that the transplanted fat cells feel pretty soft just like a females breasts and any improvement to the fullness of the organ usually subsides once the fat cells are reabsorbed. Additionally, the fat cells can occasionally re-absorb at an uneven uniformity making the penis appear misshapen and unsightly.

Procedure to improve length of the male organ

This is accomplished by cutting the ligaments which support the penis. When they are cut, a section of the large portion of the penile shaft normally kept in the body will drop forward. This   leads to a minor increase in the length of an erection.

As with any operation, there exists a high-risk of problems including higher chances of infections, hemorrhaging during the procedure and sustaining injury to other essential tissues. Additional  problems include a deformed looking male organ, impotence problems, a reduction in sexual libido, scare tissue, inadequate blood flow to the penis and testicles as well as probable harm to the nerves throughout the penis. The risks tend to be high regardless of how skilled and qualified the surgeon.