Penile Secrets

Penile Secrets is a penis enlargement program that works without supplementation, devices or surgery. Instead, men in the program spend a few minutes a day on penile strengthening exercises that offer truly amazing results, according to the product website. The exercises are provided in the form of an online manual that you receive access to when you pay your one time membership fee. The membership also provides access to online support, forums and chat rooms.

How does Penile Secrets Work?

The key to larger, stronger erections lies in the amount of blood that can enter into the penis during stimulation. The blood enters through two cavities; the corpora cavernosa on the top and the corpus spongiosum on the bottom. The top chamber consists of the primary two arteries that carry blood to the penis, so these are the primary focus of the Penile Secrets program. The exercises included in the program increase the amount of blood that can get into the corpora cavernosa, resulting in longer, harder erections and a more satisfying sexual experience.

Other benefits of Penile Secrets include:

  • Increase length and girth of the penis by up to three inches or more
  • Increased sexual performance by the penis
  • Straightening of penile curvatures
  • Treatment for many types of impotence
  • Creation of multiple orgasms
  • More powerful ejaculations and longer orgasms

Some men report seeing these benefits just two weeks after beginning the program. The website advises that most men will see an increase in penis length of one to two inches within the first four to six weeks of exercising, with continued improvement over the next few months, with additional gains of two to three inches.

What are the Components of the Penile Secrets Program?

For a one-time membership fee, men receive access to a plethora of information in the online manual. Instructional material includes information about:

  • Unlimited access to the information on the Penile Secrets website
  • Exercises to increase blood circulation and penis size
  • Techniques to help straighten a curved penis
  • Methods to help prolong and intensify orgasms
  • Ways to increase your partner’s sexual pleasure
  • Increase circulation for a fitter penis
  • Information for more powerful ejaculations and prevention of premature ejaculation
  • Access to support, forums and chat rooms for additional information

The program is currently offered at a reduced price, which the company states is a limited time offer.

Cons of the Penile Secrets Program

  • There are no other options available on this website besides the basic exercises. Men cannot get supplements or devices to enhance the results.
  • The company claims to be continually researching the effectiveness of the recommended exercises. However, no current clinical research is cited on the website.
  • Priced at $50 for a one-time membership fee, the product is on the pricier side. Fortunately, the company does provide a 100% six-month money back guarantee on purchases.
  • The doctor recommendation on the company website is not provided by a related specialty, such as a urologist.

How to Purchase the Penile Secrets Program

The Penile Secrets program can be purchased from the company website for about $50. This purchase provides immediate access to the online manual, 24/7 support, forums and chat rooms.