Penis Enlargement Pills – (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Most Penis Enlargement Pills available in the market claim that they can effectively increase the size of your penis without the need of any natural penis enlargement methods. However, I and my wife personally don’t believe this (we’re just being absolutely honest with you). Even the pills we have listed on our website and other pills available on the market deliver excellent results only when combined with natural male enhancement techniques. I and my wife compiled a list of FAQs and have answered each question in detail:

What other benefits do Penis Enlargement Pills serve apart from increasing the size of your penis?

Penis enlargement pills serve a lot of benefits apart from just enlarging your penis. Not only do they increase the size of your penis but they also benefit you in the following ways:

  • They strengthen your erections (you’ll get rock hard erections)
  • They increase your sexual stamina
  • They increase the size of the head of your penis (the top portion)
  • You will experience more intense orgasms during intercourse
  • They significantly improve your urinary flow
  • They increase the blood circulation to your genitals
  • You will notice higher sex drive
  • They can cure impotency
  • They cause a notable increase in the amount of sperm production
  • They improve your sex functions overall

Hence, penis enlargement is not the only benefit of penis enlargement pills.

What ingredients go into making Penis Enlargement Pills?

You can find a list of ingredients that go into manufacturing penis enlargement pills by Extenze HERE. As a warning of caution, please stay away from any penis enlargement pills that contain YOHIMBE. It’s a herb with extremely adverse side effects which should be avoided at any cost. FDA has placed a warning about it. We warn all our readers against the use of the herb YOHIMBE in any form for male enhancement. Also, just the ingredients used in making the penis enlargement pills are not important, the blending of the ingredients, the amount of the ingredients used and their quality are also a very crucial factor while trying to ascertain the quality of the pills. Just the list of ingredients tell us only half the part of the whole story.

How is it possible to increase the size of your penis by just consuming pills?

This is a question that is being shot at us almost everyday by a few of our readers so we decided to put it up on our website. Let us explain how just a pill can help you increase the size of your penis:

Penis enlargement pills are capable of internally stimulating the development of the erectile chambers in your penis and increasing the amount of blood held in them. This results in a longer and thicker erection. The scientific technicalities behind the functioning of penis enlargement pills is pretty simple and yet the results are just mind boggling.

Many men around the world are sceptical about using penis enlargement pills because they cannot reason out how they work. They just can’t believe that popping penis enlargement pills can help you add inches to the length and girth of your penis. Me and my wife have done all the field work and research we could possibly do and have experimented alot with penis enlargement pills. We tried out each available technique and method in the book and our studies show some really astounding results.

Penis enlargement pills not only help you in increasing the size of your penis in terms of length and girth but also improve your overall sexual performance as a whole. After taking penis enlargement pills, you will notice that your erections have become longer and harder than ever before, you would last longer during sex and hence you will see a drastic improvement in your sex life.

Are penis enlargement pills safe?

As a broad answer, penis enlargement pills are absolutely safe. The reason behind this is that the ingredients used in making penis enlargement pills are non-prescriptive and mostly natural. As a note of caution, you must always go through the ingredients of a penis enlargement pill before consuming it so as to make sure that you’re not taking something that would harm you in the long run. Certain companies that manufacture penis enlargement pills state clearly on the packaging that the pills should not be consumed by anyone with diabetes or nerve damage in the genital area. They could prove harmful for them. If you are diabetic or have genital nerve damage, refrain from taking penis enlargement pills. Do NOT ignore such warnings as they could prove really dangerous.

What is the approximate dosage of penis enlargement pills?

The dosage of penis enlargement pills differs from product to product and company to company. The dosage and way of use would be clearly specified on the packaging of the pills. Generally, you must take about two to three pills a day. A monthly supply of penis enlargement pills contains 60 to 90 pills.

What is the pricing of penis enlargement pills, can I afford it?

Penis enlargement pills aren’t dirt cheap. They’re affordable and reasonably priced but they cannot be termed as “cheap”. Usually, a month’s supply of penis enlargement pills can cost you approximately $40 to $80(see our price for example). If you buy them in larger volumes, you would get highly discounted rates. A course of penis enlargement pills can last for about 3 to 4 months and that’s it, you don’t have to take any penis enlargement pills again in your life. The money you invest in the pills is very well worth it and you will not regret it since the results are just simply outstanding!

Are you sure that I will see significant results with penis enlargement pills?

YES, We’re cent percent sure that you WILL see significant results after starting taking penis enlargement pills. Even though results may vary from person to person, you can rest assured that you will see significant results. Our readers mail us the results they have had after using certain penis enlargement pills. Some users have gained 2 to 3 inches of length on their penises in just a span of two months, while some gained just one inch after the entire 3 month course was over. Hence, you can’t really be guaranteed any results, but we assure you, you WILL see a significant improvement in the size of your penis and experience great improvement in your overall sex life.