Penis Enlargement Pills Reviews

Skepticism of thousands of men worldwide is all justified when it comes to penis enlargement pills. After all, it is not easy to believe that your penis size can be increased by a small pill. However, this is not the only reason that causes many to raise their brow with a question, if penis enlargement pills really work? Hoard of scam penis enlargement products in the market are to be blamed for this mistrust that wades away people from these products.

A smart buyer definitely knows that there still are a handful of penis enhancement products that does really work to their benefit and give them a blissful and satisfying sexual experience.

Distinguishing a few genuine pills from scams that do not go beyond making false promises is a cumbersome task. Our dedicated team of experts carries out several calculations, probes into the possibilities and finally analyzes almost all penis enlargement methods available in the market. After extensive research of years, we concluded that though very few, there surely are some great penis enlargement pills that potentially increases your penis size, orgasm intensity, stamina and overall performance in bed.

At our website, you can access a list of these rare high quality penis enlargement pills that deliver what they promise. Our rankings of every pill listed here are primarily based on the following factors:

  • Ingredients quality
  • Benefits of the pill
  • Duration to see the results
  • Price
  • Money back guarantee
  • Availability of risk-free trial
  • Testimonials
  • Overall value

The team at walks that extra mile to verify the research claims made by the manufacturer of these products and see if they really keep their word. As expected, every pill manufacturer brags about great results of their product. However, the truth is that most of them are not worth your hard earned money.

Instead of providing you with an exhaustive list of pills that does not work, we have listed a few pills here that we know are not going to disappoint you. So, you can now escape the hassle and expensive way of trying out several scam products before you reach the high quality penis enlargement pills that really work. Take advantage of our research. Simply browse through our recommendations to find the pill that suits your requirements and place your order right away!

You can be sure that the pills listed here are safe to use as they comprise in ingredients that are approved by FDA and also share a limelight for speedy results. There is no reason why we should hesitate in recommending these products to you. Your wait ends here. Find below our Top Penis Enlargement Pills recommendations along with complete reviews:

#1 Prosolution Pills

Consumer Rating #1

Should you or should you not buy Prosolution Pills? Will it really increase your penis size by 3”? The review given below is a perfect answer to all these questions and many more and helps you decide if Prosolution Pills is the right pick for you…

Most penis enlargement pills are nothing but mere scams and thereby we are as skeptical about recommending them to you as probably you are in purchasing them. Poor quality ingredients formulated into a formula copied from other penis pills are a big failure. They neither add any girth or length to your penis nor are they successful in giving you harder erections or better stamina.

The maximum that you can expect from these scam products is to enhance your sex drive by some measure, if at all it has some potential. But this definitely is not worth the money you spend on them. Right?

So, getting back to where we started, Prosolution pills is an exclusive formula that combines extra strength and high intensity penis enlargement pills. There also comes along an award winning exercise program that has proven results to increase your penis size permanently.

Now, let us find out how it works? There are two components that determine the size of your penis – the quantity of blood that flows into the penis and the amount that can be retained by it. Prosolution Pills is believed to be the only penis pills in the market that addresses both components that are essential to increase your penis size. It makes sure that a good quantity of blood flows to your penis in order to give you harder erections. At the same time, these pills tend to stretch tissues that retain this blood.

For Men Only is the great exercise program that you gain free access to, along with your purchase of these pills. With 30 different enlargement exercises, this program is known to be the most comprehensive and effective program around. These exercises are indeed key techniques to get an enlarged penis.

For a complete natural solution to increase your penis size, simply combine this exercising program (for better retention of blood) with Prosolution Pills (for better blood flow) and you can be sure that this is the most powerful penis solution that you can get yourself.

Another question that often tickles men is – How much time it takes to see visible results and finally have a larger penis? Though this varies from one person to another, in most cases 5-6 months of supply is normally sufficient to accomplish your penis enlargement goals.

Unlike other pills that usually come with a 60-day money back guarantee, ProSolution Pills have a 6 months money back guarantee. After all, when you know that the product takes 5-6 months to show visible results, it makes no sense to offer a 60-day guarantee. Before you know if the product works for you or not, your money back guarantee expires. This definitely is not a fair deal!

With Prosolution Pills, you need not worry about any such foul play. You can anytime claim your refund if you do not see any results after 6 months of your purchase of Prosolution Pills. However, we do not think you will have to face any such situation.

So, should you go for Prosolution Pills? You surely understand the difference that a bigger and harder penis can make to your sex life and the satisfaction of both you and your partner. Now, if you really are adamant and enthusiastic about having a larger penis, there is nothing that can beat the effectiveness of Prosolution.


Consumer Rating #2

In case you have been surfing the Net to find the best penis pills, you sure must have come across Vimax Pills. Having established its brand identity in the market since many years now, this product is often ranked #1 by many reputed websites. Now, you must be wondering if that is the case then why is it our #2 recommendation?

The main reason for this is that even though this is a very effective and highly recommended penis enlargement pill (thanks to its great formula, superior ingredients quality, and competitive and prompt customer service) but we believe that with so many positives intact, the manufacturer should not have recoiled from providing free shipping to its customers. However, if you do not have any qualms in paying for the shipping, Vimax Pills is worth every penny spent without any doubt.

Vimax Pills also come with a Free Exercising guide. When right physical exercises are combined with the pills, you are blessed with a larger and harder penis like you have always wanted and that too without any side effects.

Vimax has earned an impeccable reputation for itself by providing one of the best penis enlargement pills in the market for more than 10 years now. Also, the manufacturer backs its claim of a great customer support by hosting the only penis enlargement site which provides Live 24*7 Chat Support.

We would not hide the fact that 60-day money back guarantee is one downside of this product. The company must consider extending the guarantee to 4 months at least, especially as they have a proven product to back it.

But taking into account, the years of reputation enjoyed by the company and the uncountable number of positive reviews that are still flowing from world over, we think you should not sulk about the small guarantee and still give Vimax Pills a try!

#3 VigRX Plus

Consumer Rating #3

This is an improved version of the highly famed VigRX Penis Enhancement Pills. This powerful version comprise in 3 new ingredients included in its list, when compared with the previous version of VigRX. These ingredients are Damiana, Tribulus and an exclusive ingredient which is not found in any other penis pill, namely, Bioperine.

Now, let us first find out what is so unique about Bioperine? Going by the US FDA, many clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of Bioperine in safely increasing the absorption of ingredients that are combined with it. In simple words, Bioperine is one ingredient which is essential for better working of other supplements.

The ways of working of VigRX pills is no different than its competitors, as it also works on the same principle of enhancing the blood flow towards your penis to give you harder erections and a bigger penis. However, one thing that gives this product an edge over its competitors is its claim of speedy results because if its great blend of fast-acting ingredients.

Long lasting erections, better sexual stamina and increase in penis size are some of the noticeable results that you can expect once you start taking VigRX Pills on a regular basis. After a few months, you will see a firmer and stronger penis that you ever thought is possible during the erections.

Again, the 60-day money back guarantee is a let down here as well, though from the inside information we get to know that the return rate is as less as 1%. This means that only 1% of people seem to be unsatisfied with the pill and claimed a refund. So, it is quite evident that this is a promising product and works great in most cases and thereby it will not harm you to make the purchase, even if you do not have a longer money back guarantee.

Our topmost choice is still Prosolution Pills due to unparallel superiority of its ingredients as well as faster results. Nonetheless, we insist that VigRX Pills also deserve a genuine consideration on your part and is not very far behind.

#4 SinRex

Consumer Rating #4

Determined to enhance sexual performance of men in bed, SinRex is a great penis enlargement supplement that works by increasing your hormonal levels, flow of blood and its circulation towards the penis. As a result, you get a larger and stronger penis. Not to forget, a healthy penis also helps you evade the embarrassment of premature ejaculation.

Being an herbal pill, SinRex formulates natural ingredients to give you a healthy sex life. This also implies that you can be sure that it is safe for use and does not have any side effects. SinRex Lycopene OM3 With EGCG Performance Enhancement Capsule and SinRex L-Arginine HCL Male Enhancement Pills are the two supplements that combine to form SinRex. While the latter aids to improve the health of your penis, the former ensures that you have high energy levels and better health overall.

The reason why we ranked SinRex at #4 is because it is quite new in the market as yet and there are no sufficient testimonials to establish the results of this product firmly. However, there are several tests and clinical studies that back its claim and show encouraging results. We are therefore positive that regular usage of SinRex will give you a larger penis than before.

Another plus is the 90-day Money Back Guarantee, which is definitely impressive as there are many competitors who offer a much smaller guarantee.


If you choose the right Penis Enlargement Pills, there is no reason why you would not see results. It usually takes 5-6 months to achieve penis enlargement goals by taking pills. But the results are definitely worth the wait. ProSolution Pills is our paramount choice in the matter. So, get ready to get a bigger and harder penis to see your partner perspire with joy in bed.