Penis Pumping as an Option for Penis Enlargement

If you’re a sexually adventurous man or someone with erectile dysfunction, chances are you may have already tried penis pumps and penis pumping. These devices and method are among the common means employed by many men today to deal with impotence and to enlarge their penis in an instant.

A penis pump is a cylindrical mechanism attached to a penis pumping device in the form of a plunger or a squeeze ball and then fitted over the penis.

It works by producing a suction that will draw in blood to the penile tissues and enlarge the penis—all by operating the penis pump once the device is already fitted to the said organ.

Constriction rings are used after the penis has enlarged to ensure that the blood stays in the penis for the time needed to sustain the erection.

This method is a popular and inexpensive option to the temporary treatment of erectile dysfunction. Penis pumps are also beneficial for men who suffer from temporary erection problem due to nerve damage in the penis.

Today, however, penis pumps are already being used by men for other purposes other than for treatment, primary of which is for enlarging the penis and for masturbation. These penis enlargement devices are ideal sexual toys that can aid in the stimulation before sexual intercourse.

Although penis pumping has received much acknowledgment in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, it is not much helpful in the enlargement of the penis. The first reason is that the effect only stays for a short time; once you’re done using the pump, your penis will return to its original shape in a matter of a few minutes.

Most importantly, penis pumps may pose danger especially if you’re not familiar with them.

If you’re not careful, over-pumping can result in blisters, bruises, and even damage in the penile nerves and tissues. So, the use of pumps require a whole lot of precaution and practice. You can also go for pumps that are designed for improved safety like those with a vacuum limiter feature. This limiter allows air to get into the tube in case too much pressure has already built in inside—therefore saving you from probabilities of penile damage.

According to specialists, this method will give the best results when it is performed from three to four times weekly, with thirty minutes allotted to each session. And if you are using constriction rings, be sure that you also remove them after a half hour—this is important to avoid danger.

As long as you know the correct procedure in the use of penis pumps, you’ll surely benefit a lot from these devices. Otherwise, you can go for penis surgery, penis stretching, penis weights, penis enhancement pills, and other options available. These are similar to penis pumping in terms of the benefits that they provide in the enlargement of the penis, although some are not geared toward the treatment of erectile dysfunction.