What are topical enhancement methods?

Topical enhancement methods are normally available in the form of oils, lotions and creams. Apply them directly to the penis and massage gently to see almost instant results, because of quick absorption.

How do these topical solutions work?

Unlike penis pills, ingredients need not pass through the digestive system to reach the penile tissue when you use topical solutions. Ingredients are directly delivered into your blood stream and penile tissue for immediate results.

How can I use these penis enlargement creams, lotions and oils?

These topical methods are very easy to use. Simply dab it onto the quarter size of your palm and massage it onto your penis.

What are the side effects of these topical enhancement methods?

Topical enhancement solutions are no different than penis pills. They are also herbal and non-prescription medications and have no side effects. So, you need not bother about their safety of use at all. In case you have any allergies, simply read through the ingredients list before making the purchase and ensure that everything is right for you. For anyone who is already suffering from any medical condition, it is advisable that you seek consultation from your doctor before using any of the topical enhancement methods.

How long will I have to wait to notice the results?

Results are almost immediate in the case of topical enhancement methods. Apply the cream, lotion or oil and notice the results right away. However, it only gets better with regular application.

How much do I have to pay?

A month’s supply normally costs between $50 and $60. However, you may grab your hands on a bottle for as less as $35, if you order for a 5-6 months supply at once. These prices may vary from one manufacturer to another.

Is there any guarantee that is offered for topical enhancement solutions?

Reputed marketers always offer a money back guarantee that can vary from 2 to 6 months. However, any refund guarantee below this is more likely to be for a scam product.

Is there any surety that I will see the results?

Results can vary from one person to another. Factors that influence results are formulation of ingredients, your age, current health condition, et al. Most customers who used our recommended topical enhancement methods reported that the products actually gave them desirable results.